How To Install A Whirlybird Turbine Vent On Your Shed Roof

Hello and welcome to Today I want to show you how to install one of these whirly bird turbine vent to keep your shed cool. They work really good if you live in a hot area or if you have a lot of fumes inside your shed like if you store a motorcycle or paints or something this really gets the air flowing through to keep it cool and get rid of those foul odors.

You’ll want to locate your turbine between 2 roof trusses and toward the top of the shed. Determine where you want it and drill a hole through the roof from the inside. Use this hole as a guide to position the flashing where you want the turbine installed. Mark around the inside of the flashing with a pencil or nail. Use a jig saw or a sawzall and cut through the roof. Pry up the shingles up where you’re going to slide the flashing underneath them. Now nail through the flashing and through the shingles to secure it to the roof. These numbers correspond with the roof pitch of the shed. In this case we have a pitch. So we’ll line this number 3 hole up with the mark on the flashing. Now secure the base to the flashing with the screws.

This clamp will hold the base at the proper angle. Now install the turbine its self with 3 screws. Now adjust the turbine so it’s sitting approximately level. These things work great even without any wind because the hot air comes up and escapes through the vent. But even the slightest breeze will set these things spinning and really pump a lot of air through your shed. Now the only real downside to this vent is it brings in a lot of dirt and dust if you live in a dusty area. That dirt and dust will come in with the air, then the air will slow down and the dust will just drop inside your shed. So that’s the only real disadvantage of this turbine vent. But that’s pretty well offset by the cooling effect it has and the fact that it vents all those toxic fumes out of your shed if you’re storing bad stuff. That’s how you install a whirly bird turbine vent on your shed. I don’t think that took more than 10 minutes to actually install it. Maybe 20 – 25 minutes including prep time, getting your tools together and putting them away. So it’s a really easy option for your shed that makes a lot of difference, and it doesn’t cost that much money.

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