Make Your Own Garden Shed Doors for under $100.

We all had our favorite Doors lyrics back in those days. But the ones that resonated the most with me went something like, “Come on Baby, light my…” Microjig, Maker of the GRR-RIPPER Work safer, Work smarter. And this episode is also sponsored by Harry’s. This garden tool shed connected to my garage was probably built 30 or 35 years ago, and it’s holding up really well except for the doors. I’ve repaired them a number of times, but I think it’s finally time to just make some new doors. I fixed these panels before but at this point, there’s nothing left to fix because the wood it just rotting away. At one point the latches came off the door and there was no way of repairing it the way it was so I just attached this board to keep these two doors together and then I used a PVC pipe as a latch. All of the boards for the doors are going to be the same width. The first thing I need to do is cut off all of these rounded edges to square them up. Since these boards are so big, I’ve stacked up a bunch of stuff here to support that end while I make all my cuts.

First, I always like to cut a little off the ends just to square it up. The I can measure the lengths. I’ll use that first board to measure out the rest so I don’t have to use the tape measure. Each door has four horizontal pieces. To cut those all to the same length, I’ve set up a stop block and an extension fence on my miter saw. Joining this all together using pocket screws will make it strong and really speed up the assembly process. I only need to drill the pocket holes in the short pieces. I’ll start with the top and the bottom pieces. The important thing about pocket screws it to clamp the pieces together tightly before you put the screws in. Otherwise the two pieces can mis-align and slide apart. What I like to do in situations like this rather than measure and mark off where all of the cross pieces are going to go, is cut a couple of spacers that I can use to line them up. That way I can make sure they are all evenly spaced.

I’m going to use my router to cut a rabbet along the inside of the frames that I can drop the panels into. I need to replace this base plate though. The hole is too small. My rabbeting bit won’t fit through. So I made this thing which is just a board with a bigger hole. That first pass is enough to set the panels in, but I’d like the panels to be a little deeper. So I’m going to raise my router bit up just a bit. and make a second pass. I think I’m going to put an extra fancy profile on the front. I’ll replace that rabbeting bit with an ogee bit. Actually, this is a Roman Ogee bit. And really, what could be more fancy than that? I need to round over the corners of these panels so that they’ll fit into the rabbets.

I’m gluing and tacking these panels into place. I’ll see if I can reuse these hinges from the old door. Here I’m cutting out some really shallow mortises for the hinges. I’ve got some shims that I cut to raise the door up just a little off the ground. Then I can mark where the hinges will go. The hinges have removable pins so my strategy is to attach the bottom hinge, drop the pin in, this one I already have the pin in and I’ll try to screw it into place.

Now I’ll see if I can do this without bending or breaking that lower hinge. With one screw in, I can carefully check to see that it works alright. Wow. I love it when things work out on the first try, because I really wasn’t expecting that to work that easily Not exactly perfect up here, but whatya gonna do! I found this old sliding bolt in my shop. i’ll use it to keep the right door closed. I’m going to try to bend one of these L-brackets into shape for the other latch.

This little board will be the latch. I’m going to paint it before I attach it. What I’m going to do is thread this screw through a washer then through that, and through the door. The on this back side I’ll put another washer and this is a lock nut. { Advertisement } And I’d like to thank you for joining me this week on Woodworking for Mere Mortals.

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